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                  Visionary Strategic Consulting

Visionary Strategic Consulting (VSC) was founded in 1992 by Robert C. Kramer, MBA, MA, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). The inception of VSC was in response to the formidable business and organizational challenges of a volatile and dynamic environment of changing demographics, rapidly evolving technology, expanding international commerce, shifting patterns among businesses and the under-utilization of human capital.  At VSC, we perceived that traditional methods of strategic planning were inadequate to deal with an increasingly complex environment in which business opportunities appear and disappear in shorter and shorter time cycles.  Mr. Kramer believed what was critically lacking was a business leader creative process and capability to think, plan and formulate business strategy in a highly complex, uncertain and hyper-competitive business environment.   At VSC, we have developed a unique state-of-the-art strategic planning process designed to assist leaders in transforming under performing organizations into high performing organizations.  By aligning people and strategies, and policies and systems with customers, businesses and organizations are able to change their core culture to be highly responsive to new opportunities and acutely sensitive to the dynamics of leading and implementing change.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  •  We practice the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and integrity
  •  We maintain the highest level of professional consulting competence through zealous

life-long learning and continuous personal and professional improvement

  •  We are committed to adding meaningful value to each and every client-organization
  •  We are dedicated to delivering on outcomes promised
  •  We seek long-term personal and professional trusting client relationships
  •  We are dedicated to helping the youth and non-profits of our community to achieve their highest  potential

Our Mission

We provide consulting expertise and coaching to effectively lead and manage an adaptive, competitive, committed and efficiency-based organization for goal achievement. Guaranteed on-time and on-budget.

Our Business Philosophy

Like all systems occurring in nature, sustainable market leadership and business survival requires an organization that is strategically flexible, adaptive, resourceful, creative and innovative.  As in nature,   business sustainability is the ability and willingness to adapt in harmony with its complex changing environment.  Organizations do not change, people change.  Organizations do not learn, people learn. Organizations are not successful, people are successful. People are successful not just by the work they perform, but by how they think, plan, relate to one-another and how they perceive and prepare for the future.  At the root of our philosophy is the fundamental notion that long-term business success has much less to do with being in a competitive race for offering novel products and services. Rather, business and organizational success has much more to do with creating a dynamic culture of thinking, planning and learning processes that tap the unlimited potential of people, both individually and collectively, to be entrepreneurial, creative, adaptive, and challenged to understand their niche markets by being continually adaptive and adding competitive value to their client/customer transactions.

What We Do

We are an award winning boutique consulting firm with substantial breadth and depth across many industries specializing in strategic and business planning, strategy development and tactical implementation.  Specific expert areas of consulting include:  executive coaching, team facilitation, strategic planning, strategic planning retreats, leadership development, team building, management infrastructure, leadership emotional intelligence and business creativity.      

One special note on strategic planning.- through a series of highly reliable diagnostic surveys that determine and assess the degree of organizational alignment and associated root causes, VSC customizes and facilitates a series strategic planning program vignettes throughout key organizational levels that uniquely addresses executive priorities as well as  the “hidden” issues and root-causes of executive concern.  The customized and creative strategic planning process documents the best creative thinking at all levels of the organization making the plan truly participative greatly facilitating the speed of acceptance and implementation.

Four Compelling Reasons Why Potential Clients Should Work With Our Firm

1.     Our growth and success over the past 20+ years is based on the single focus of providing our clients with the ultimate state-of-the-art visionary strategic thinking, planning and implementing capability.  This extraordinary capability stems from our continuous investment and personal participation in executive professional development programs and conferences at the world’s leading business schools including:  Harvard , Stanford, Univ. of California Berkeley-Haas, Univ. of Pennsylvania-Wharton, Univ. of  Michigan, Univ. of Chicago, UCLA-Anderson, Center for Creative Leadership, American Management Association Course for Presidents.


2.     All principals within the firm have achieved and awarded the highest professional standard accorded by consulting industry through the Institute for Management Consultants and the National Bureau of Professional Consultants, Certified Management Consultant (CMC).  While some consulting firms will deploy junior consultants, our firm works only with seasoned veteran consultants who are experts in their field and possess a wealth of real-world knowledge, experience and insights.

3.     Visionary Strategic Consulting maintains a strategic partnership with the highly prestigious Monterey Institute of International Studies and The Institute for Management Consultants.  The combined consulting services include:

  •  Visionary strategic thinking, planning and implementation
  •  Business plans
  •  Executive retreats
  •  Executive coaching
  •  Group facilitation
  •  Team building 
  •  Executive leadership development
  •  One Page Business Plans
  •  Leadership Emotion Intelligence development
  •  Business Creativity
4.     As a small boutique consulting firm, we pride ourselves on the quality of our consulting and most importantly,  on our ability to establish long-term productive and trusting relationships with our clients at highly competitive rates.   
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