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Maximizing Potential & Profits
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Maximizing Potential & Profits
CALL: (831) 869-1054
Pebble Beach, CA




 As a distributor, Visionary Strategic Consulting has helped me develop and implement a    merchandise management system, which will reduce my losses.  My friends and family      did not understand nor could they assist me until I found VSC.  Bob Kramer is a very    caring and competent consultant.

 Salinas Multiple Location Owner

Having a business coach and consultant dedicated to support my goals is one of the key reasons why I engaged Visionary Strategic Consulting.  Bob Kramer has given me confidence and business perspective to move ahead in business areas, I might not have been as sure of myself or gotten the results so quickly without him.

Salinas Information Management Company Owner

Through Visionary Strategic Consulting, I’ve learned to better manage inventory issues, downtime and distribution.  After every meeting with Bob Kramer, I have an “action plan” of new ideas that have worked to take action on my key goals and objectives!

Monterey Construction Supply Company Owner

As the owner of a large construction company, my Visionary Strategic Consulting has helped me with cash flow issues, manage downtime and motivate my staff.  For the first time in my business career, I completed my five year strategic plan.    I highly recommend Bob Kramer and VSC to every business leader/owner!

Prunedale,  Construction Owner

 Visionary Strategic Consulting was there when we made the toughest decision we had ever  made, in our 9 years of building a very profitable business with 95 employees.  We  decided to leave our last Company and build one that was entirely ours and employing our  business standards.  Bob coached us and gave us encouragement, guidance and support  for our new endeavor.  We’re now in our launch phase and feeling very confident in our  future success.

Salinas, Husband and Wife Owners of a Light Mfg Company

Over the last three years, as the Managing Partner for a local Law Firm, Bob Kramer’s consulting has helped me with the “non-financials” – marketing, human resources and customer service.  I highly recommend  VSC to everyone who wants to achieve greater success and profitability.

Salinas, Law Firm Partner

As the owner of an upscale restaurant, Visionary Strategic  Consulting has helped me to focus on continuous marketing and on increasing bottom-line profits.  I am certain that we wouldn’t have been able to do this without the insights I gained from Bob and his consulting system.

Monterey, Multiple Location Restaurateur  Managing Partner