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Business Planning & Management in Pebble Beach, California

Visionary Strategic Consulting in Pebble Beach, California, specializes in business planning and management to maximize production, organization, and ultimately, revenue. Our consulting firm is just the kind of change your business needs!

Effective Change Management
It is a fact that 75% of all change efforts fail. This workshop is designed to help you peel back the onion and understand how leaders can implement organizational change and dramatically increase the odds for success. It also focuses on using models for change that are highly effective and proven. This is a vitally important workshop for all business owners needing to make a change.

Business Consultants, Business Management in Pebble Beach, CA

Dynamic Strategic Planning 
Planning for the future is critically essential for all businesses. Yet, few business requirements are as dreaded and misunderstood as the strategic planning process. This workshop demystifies the strategic planning process and provides a wide array of tools and techniques for participants to conduct their own effective strategic planning process.

Like any good sports team, companies who want a winning "season" must develop winning strategies. The critical skill of leadership is the ability to think strategically and act locally. Strategic thinking is a special skill that requires creative and visionary thinking in 3D. Participants in this workshop will depart with tools and techniques to create their own strategies for success

The Key to Success: Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of emotions as a source of human energy, influence, trust, creativity and information.

Exhaustive scientific research conclusively demonstrates that personal inner-awareness and emotional awareness of others, and the ability to master relationships is the dominant predictor of success.  The emerging paradigm for leaders and managers in leading change is the degree of Emotional Intelligence.  Whatever your level of EQ, the good news is that it is a teachable skill.

Business Creativity
Maximize and organize your thoughts to help your team make decisions and solve problems. The 6-Thinking Hat seminar is designed to provide you and your employees with skills and tools for greater productivity in both their personal and professional lives. The Six Thinking Hats system provides at least four specific uses:

• A Critical Meeting Facilitation Tool
• Outstanding Team Productivity And Communications Tool
• Creativity Enhancer • Control Mechanism


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